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Save the Leatherback Campaign

Leatherback sea turtles are the largest, deepest diving of all sea turtle species and are found swimming in all oceans across the globe. Industrial fishing practices combined with illegal poaching, deadly vessel strikes, and ocean pollution have driven leatherbacks towards extinction.

Campaign Materials
Explore this section to to engage in the most recent bold actions to protect leatherback sea turtles around the world. Read and download reports, press, and action items and join us is taking action for leatherbacks.

Learn more about the extensive history of the Sea Turtle Restoration Project's actions to save leatherback sea turtles, download documents, and see amazing photos.

Critically Endangered Pacific Leatherbacks
Scientists have warned that the Pacific leatherback sea turtle may become extinct within 10-30 years if its adult mortality from industrial fishing bycatch is not drastically reduced. More evidence is available every year pointing towards plastic pollution in the oceans harming leatherbacks and all sea turtles.

Leatherback Watch Program
The Leatherback Watch Program coordinates and compiles sightings of Pacific leatherback sea turtles from California, Oregon, and Washington.

International Red List Ranks Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtles as Critically Endangered
November 27th, 2013

California and Indonesia Launch Partnership to Save Endangered Sea Turtles
October 18th, 2013

October 15 - Pacific Leatherback Conservation Day in California!

Hawaii's Tuna Fishery Taking Deadly Toll on Whales, Sea Turtles and Seabirds
May 7th, 2013

New Science Predicts Extinction of Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtles in 20 Years
February 26th, 2013

New Science Confirms Leatherback Decline
by Teri Shore, Program Director
February 26th, 2013

California Lawmakers Designate Leatherback Sea Turtle as New State Symbol
August 13th, 2012

Californians - Help Pass the Leatherback Bill in the Senate!

Leatherbacks are Here! California News Features Sightings
July 23rd, 2012

Leatherback Bill Supporters

Leatherback Sea Turtle Swims Closer to Becoming Official Symbol of the Golden State
April 10th, 2012

Leatherbacks Featured at Ocean Lobby Day

Leatherbacks in the News!
March 7th, 2012

Endangered Pacific Sea Turtle Proposed as California’s Official Marine Reptile
February 23rd, 2012

Victory for Leatherbacks - News and Video!

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