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More Programs

Marine Mammals
Whales, dolphins, seals and other marine mammals need protection from fisheries and other activities that cause them harm.

Costa Rica and Central America
Since 1989, the Sea Turtle Restoration Project has been working directly in Central America with coastal communities in an effort to protect sea turtles from the nesting beaches to the coastal waters and the high seas.

Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea is one of the last strongholds for leatherback nesting in the western Pacific. The other is neighboring Indonesia. The Pacific leatherback's population has declined more than 90% in the past 20 years due to industrial fishing on the high seas and the harvesting of nesting adults and eggs on beaches.

Turtles and Trade
A grassroots campaign to protect endangered sea turtles from the effects of international trade and economic globalization.

GotMercury.Org and the Turtle Island Restoration Network have been educating the public about mercury in fish and taking action to reduce the public's exposure to methylmercury in seafood since 2002.

Shipping and Ports
Ship strikes, vessel noise, lighting and pollution and port operations can harm sea turtles

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