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You Can Help Save the Sea Turtles!

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You can help save sea turtles every day, just by taking these simple actions:

  • Bag the Plastics! Stop using plastic bags (turtles confuse them with jellyfish, and choke on them) 

  • Don't eat swordfish and tuna (they are often caught on longlines, which also catch and kill sea turtles!)

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Highlights from members who have made special contributions to STRP and whose energy and enthusiasm for saving the sea turtles has touched our hearts.

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We know you care about sea turtles - Let your friends and family know too!

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Video Clip: "Last Journey for the Leatherback?"
This moving documentary tells the story of the Pacific leatherback sea turtle and its journey across the world's oceans.

50 Ways to Help Save the Ocean
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Bag the Plastics!
Plastic waste harms and kills approximately 100,000 sea turtles and other marine animals each year. Sea turtles often mistake floating plastic bags for their favorite food, jellyfish.

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