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Chevron's Atrocities in the Amazon - Next Stop Australia

Australian news team exposes Chevron's oily mess in Ecuador and expansions in Australia

An Australian news team exposes Chevron's environmental atrocities in Ecuador and makes the link to the company's massive expansions in the Kimberley and Northwest Australia - a story that the U.S. media still fails to tackle.

Watch the television news segment here: http://au.news.yahoo.com/sunday-night/features/article/-/10403960/bad-oil-the-amazons-toxic-mess/#post-comment

Bad oil: The Amazon's toxic mess
Reporter: Mike Munro

Date: 9 October, 2011

Mike Munro's powerful investigation into the growing environmental disaster in the Ecuadorian Amazon where one of the world’s largest oil drilling is destroying precious rainforest, contaminating waterways and poisoning families.

One unlikely aristocrat is leading the David-and-Goliath fight to hold the multinational giant responsible: Zoë Tryon, the daughter of the late Lady ‘Kanga’ Tryon.

Chevron, which also operates in Australia's pristine Pilbara, has been fined billions of dollars in Ecuador for the damage caused by almost 1000 unlined toxic waste pits left behind by Texaco (subsequently taken over by Chevron Oil) throughout the 40 years it has drilled for oil.

Chevron supplied us with the following information PDF in relation to their operations in Equador and in response to our enquiries.

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