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Leatherback Watch Program

The goal of the Sea Turtle Restoration Project's  Leatherback Watch Program is to work collaboratively with charter vessels, research expeditions, and local yacht clubs to compile, to record and communicate any and all sightings of leatherback sea turtles off the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington.

Click here to download our flier and leatherback identification guide. Post them at your local harbor!

Your help and participation costs you nothing, and connects you to thousands of our supporters and marine activists! Leatherback sea turtles have existed for over 100 million years, but their populations in the Pacific Ocean have declined by 95% in the past 20 years. By working together we hope to ensure the survival of leatherbacks for many years to come.

To join, simply send an email to Dr. Chris Pincetich at chris@tirn.net, or call (415) 663-8590 x102 for more details, and we will connect you to our growing conservation network, promote your business online and invite you to our Leatherback Watch Program public events.

The Leatherback Watch Program shares it's data with the global marine scientist community through the OBIS-SEAMAP and through SIMoN, the Sanctuary Integrated Monitoring Network. All West Coast sea turtle sightings offshore of California, Oregon, and Washington are recorded in our database. We hope to obtain exact GPS coordinates and a photo from leatherback sightings to confirm their accuracy.

Connect with the Leatherback Watch Program on Facebook to stay informed!

Check the interactive map of sightings on the Leatherback Watch Program's iNaturalist Project website.

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