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Sea Turtles Protest at Chevron World Headquarters!

May 25th, 2011

The Sea Turtle Restoration Project led a victorious effort to bring sea turtles into the fight against the fossil fuel frenzy, joining over a hundred activists from across the world to converge on the annual general meeting of shareholders at the world corporate headquarters of Chevron in San Ramon, California. See more photos and join the discussion on Facebook.

Program Director Teri Shore gained access to the shareholder meeting under extremely tight security to deliver testimony to the Board of Directors about the plight of flatback sea turtles loosing their pristine nesting beaches and habitat in the Kimberly region of Australia and being killed by offshore oil operations around the globe.

Campaigner Chris Pincetich led a dozen volunteers in sea turtle costumes with protest signs for three hours of marching, chanting, and public protest on a busy street in front of the heavily guarded Chevron front gate which was witnessed by thousands of commuters passing the area. The sea turtles were loud and proud, representing endangered marine life in all the world's oceans impacted by deadly offshore oil drilling, oil spills, and habitat destruction due to oil refineries and port construction. He addressed the audience of over one hundred activists with a call for all in attendance to take action to save sea turtles in their homelands.

The True Cost of  Chevron coalition network organized the protest rally and three days of events for the public and press with delegates traveling from Ecuador, Angola, Indonesia, Nigeria, Burma, Canada and from the U.S. communities in remote Alaska, Houston, Texas and Richmond, California. The historic day was a huge victory for the group, which was arrested and barred from much of the shareholder meeting last year. Delegates from all over the globe testified to the Chevron Board and spoke to media about families dying of oil-caused cancer, rainforests soaked in oil, black oil-soaked beaches with no fisheries remaining, and human rights violations too numerous and horrible to describe.

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