Help Pass the Texas Plastic Bottle Bill!

by Carole Allen, Gulf Office Director
January 6th, 2011

The "Don't Mess with Texas" motto has been around a long time, but plastic bags and bottles still litter the highways. The cities of South Padre Island and Brownsville are now making a great effort to stop the use of plastic bags.

In addition, Bottle Bill 2011 will be working its way through the new session of the Texas Legislation later this month. If discarding plastic bags and bottles can be stopped, the sea turtles of the Gulf of Mexico will benefit. Ingested bags and pieces of plastic can be deadly for sea turtles at all ages.

Take a moment and sign a petition at http://www.texasbottlebill.com to show your support for the bottle bill which will encourage recycling of plastic bottles in Texas. The Sea Turtle Restoration Project has signed on to the bill on behalf of the sea turtles of the Gulf of Mexico.

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